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Differences Between an Aesthetic Pedicure and Therapeutic Pedicure


Our feet, the unsung heroes of our body, carry us through countless kilometres, adventures, and life moments. Yet they frequently receive the least attention in our self-care routines. Pedicures, a type of foot care that mixes pampering and therapy, have evolved as a popular way to meet the requirements of our stressed-out feet.

When it comes to pampering our feet, we have more alternatives than just indulgence. While pedicures are frequently linked with relaxation and aesthetics, they can also have therapeutic objectives, boosting foot health and well-being.

Though, Pedicures are a great way to pamper yourself and improve the appearance of your feet. But did you know that there are two different types of pedicures? Aesthetic pedicures and therapeutic pedicures.

What exactly is an Aesthetic Pedicure?

A cosmetic pedicure is a treatment that concentrates on the appearance of your feet and toenails. The following services are commonly included in this style of pedicure:

●      To soften the skin on your feet, soak them in warm water.

●      Foot exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells

●      Toenail trimming and shape.

●      Pushing your cuticles back

●      Applying lotion to your feet to keep them moisturised

●      You should paint your toes.

Who is it for?

Our Aesthetic Pedicure is an indulgent symphony meant to enhance the visual attractiveness of your feel for:

●      Individuals are looking for a soothing and pampering experience.

●      Those who want well-groomed and aesthetically beautiful feet.

●      People who have minor or no foot problems.

What exactly is a Therapeutic Pedicure?

A therapeutic pedicure is a medical therapy that addresses foot issues and improves foot health. A podiatrist or other professional practitioner is usually in charge of this type of pedicure. A therapeutic pedicure may comprise one or more of the following services

●      Examining your feet for issues such as ingrown toenails, corns, or calluses

●      Treating any discovered foot problems

●      Educating you on how to care for your feet at home

Who is it for?

Our Aesthetic Pedicure is an indulgent symphony meant to enhance the visual attractiveness of your feel.

●      Diabetes Arthritis

●      Circulation problems

●      Foot injuries

●      Ingrown toenails

●      Corns and calluses

●      Fungal infections

What kind of Pedicure is best for you?

The type of pedicure that is best for you is determined by your specific requirements. An aesthetic pedicure is a good alternative if you merely want to improve the appearance of your feet. If you have any foot concerns, a therapeutic pedicure is a more effective option.


Aesthetic pedicureTherapeutic pedicure


Appearance of feet and toenails

Foot Health


Nail Technician

A podiatrist or other healthcare professional


Soaking, Exfoliating, trimming nails, pushing back cuticles, moisturising, nail paints

Assessing feet for problems, treating foot problems, providing education for foot care


Improves the appearance of feet and toenails

Improves foot health and prevents foot problems

Lastly, deciding between an aesthetic and therapeutic pedicure is based on your needs and preferences. A therapeutic pedicure is indicated if you are concerned about your foot health or have specific concerns. An aesthetic pedicure, on the other hand, can give a peaceful and delightful experience if you merely want to treat your feet and improve their appearance.

Aftercare following a Pedicure

●      Regularly moisturise your feet: This keeps your skin supple and prevents it from cracking.

●      Put on socks before going to bed: This will keep your feet moisturised and protect them from friction.

●      Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight: This might create soreness and pressure on your feet.

●      Inspect your feet regularly for signs of infection: Consult a doctor as soon as you notice any redness, swelling, or pain.

Conclusion: Your Foot Journey Awaits at Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic

Pedicures, whether cosmetic or therapeutic, provide significant benefits to the health and beauty of our feet. You can make an informed decision about the pedicure that best suits your needs by studying the differences between the two and speaking with the knowledgeable professionals at Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic. Remember that frequent foot care is essential for keeping your feet healthy, pleasant, and beautiful as you travel through life’s journey.

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